Unlock Your Potential: 10 Golden Keys to Success

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The weekend breakaway in the mountains could not have come at a better time. Work and family, though loved dearly, was just getting too much!The aroma of coffee filled the air as Chantal sat back in the foyer of the guest house. The mountains reflected the late afternoon sun dancing on the mountains in wondrous autumn colors. She places her now empty coffee cup on the table next to her. A blue butterfly emerging from a keyhole catches her eye. She flips through the pages of the little book and without noticing she leans back in the armchair. Could this hold some direction for her life? Something she has so desperately waited for?Just as she was about to dive further into the words, the porter gently clears his throat to draw her attention. She quickly places the book back onto the coffee table, but not without taking a quick photo of the front page.Once in her room, she opens the curtains to once again drink in the breathtaking views. At least it makes the unpacking part pass more quickly!Her mind occupied with the little book, she opens up her laptop to search for the title “Unlocking Your Potential”. Thankfully, she downloads the electronic version of the book, adjusts her glasses, and starts reading.Three hours later, the last few words drift from the page into her head. And she knows: This is it! Nothing can stay the same!Fast forward six months, and our weekend breakaway friend’s life has undergone a metamorphosis. Old strings were cut, new paths explored, and adventurous challenges conquered. What if you were to pick up this book and experience a similar change? A change you have been waiting for? That change you have been designed to make to pursue what you were purposed to do? To be?My desire is that this book will inspire you to experience and pursue true success, abundance and significance, and then share it with others.Enjoy!